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Maxon 1978

Maxon effects catalog 1978

Catalog in 1978

PT999 Phase Shifter, D&S Distortion, D&S II, StereoBox, Compressor, Booster MB10, MB20, MB30, MB40

FL303 Flanger, PT707 Optical Phaser, OD880 Overdrive, Compandor, PE800 Zeeq (Boost+EQ), FL305 Flanger

Analog Delay AD230, AD250

Setting charts for AD230 and AD250, Blubber Wah, SD5 Double Sound(Wah+Fuzz), PT950 Pedal Phaser

FP777 Flying Pan with Phase Shifter, JL70 Jet Lyzer (Fuzz+Phaser, TM505 Talking Box, GE500 Renometer, GE100 Graphic EQ, PS901 Power Supply

Battery Checker

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