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MAXON Effects Catalog 1980
Flanger FL305, FL303, FL301, Chorus CS505, Analog Delay AD80
Distortion OD801 D&S, OD802 D&S II, Over Drive OD808, Compressor CP101, Bass booster MB10, Power booster MB20, Treble booster MB30, Distortion booster MB40
Graphic Equalizer GE601, Flanger FL302, Phaser PT909, PT9Pro, Envelope Filter AF201, Parametric Equalizer PQ401
Wah pedal BLUBBER, SD5 double sound (Wah pedal + Distortion), Talking modulator TM505, Percussion Synthesizer DS200
Mini amp GA10, Line selector SB300
Analog delay AD150, AD170
Flanger/Delay AD3000, Analog Delay AD202, Compressor/Distortion/Phaser/Flanger UE400
Wireless System
Price List
Nov. 1980