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Maxon 1982

Maxon effects catalog 1982

Catalog in 1982

PT9 Pro Phaser, PT9 Phaser, PQ-9 Parametric EQ, GE-9 Graphic EQ

AD-9 Analog Delay, FL-9 Flanger, CS-9 Stereo Chorus, AF-9 Auto Filter, CP-9 Compressor, SD-9 Sonic Distortion, OD-9 Overdrive, NG-9 Noise Gate

MS-9 Master SW, PD-101 Power Disributer and Wireless Systems

Multi Effects UE-405 and UE-401, Analog Delay AD-202, AD-100, AD-200

Guitar Amps GX20, GX30, GX60, GX100

No date of issue.

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