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MAXON Effecs Catalog 1984

Harmonizer/Digital Delay HD1000
Digital Delay DM2000, DM1000, DM500
Multi Effects Floor Type UE300, UE305, UE303B, Rack Type UE405, UE401, Analog Delay AD202, AD200, AD100.
GT series guitar amps GT100, GT60, GT40, GT20, GT10
GX series guitar amps GX100, GX60, GX30, GX20, GX10, GX10R, Bass Amps GX60B, GX40B, GX20B.
Mixers RM-60, RM-100EX, RM-80, Graphic Equalizers GE1502, GE3101
Stomp boxes Flanger FL-9, Bi-Mode Chorus BC-9, Stereo Chorus CS-9, Analog Delay AD-9, Parametric Equalizer PQ-9, Graphic Equalizer GE-9, Auto Wah AF-9, Phase Shifter PT-9, PT-9 Pro, Distortion SD-9, Super Tube Screamer ST-9, Overdrive OD-9, Compressor CP-9, Noise Gate NG-9, Master Switch MS-9, Power Distributor PD-9, Pedal Wah Blubber, Wah & Distortion SD-5, Wireless System TR-1, TR-1020, TR-2A