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PMP Effects Catalog 198x
No date of issue, perhaps 1981 or 82.
E-767 Stereo Harmonic Exciter/Stereo Noise Reduction, E-737 Single Harmonic Exciter, E-727 Single Harmonic Exciter/Stereo Noise Reduction, E-757 Stereo Harmonic Exciter, E-747 Stereo Noise Reduction
E-777 Harmonic Exciter/Phase Exciter, N-626 Pre-amp/Harmonic Exciter, E-949 Stereo Limiter, E-939 Stereo Noise Gate, H-200 Power Amp, EK-15A Speaker cabinet, K-15L, K-15B Speaker
Pyramid cabinet system series E-828 Harmonic Exciter, E-868 Phase Exciter, E-844 Stereo Noise Reduction, E-945 Buffer, N-136 Bass Pre-amp, E-300 Stereo Overdrive