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from the '70s to '80s, Scanned Catalogs of Electric Guitars, Basses, Guitar Amps, Effects - Published in Japan

Aria Pro 2 Guitars Catalog 1978

Vol. VII
B.C. Rich copy models MK-1800WA, MK-1600N, EG-1400, EG-1200, EGB-1600
EX-900, EX-850, EX-750N, RG-800, RG-750, RG-750B, RG-680
Les Paul models LP-650, LP-600R, LP-600B, LC-1200VC, LC-1000, LS-1000VC, LS-900
LC-800, LS-700
LC-600, LS-600
LS-500, LC-500, LS-450
L-1000, L-1000SM, EA-650SB, ES-700ST, ES-700, ES-800
FV-800, FV-550, SL-420, Stratocaster model ST-700J
ST-600, ST-600B, ST-500
ST-400, TE-500N, TE-500-ON, TE-450N, TE-400BL, LB-650
PB-700J, PB-600R, PB-600D, PB-500, PB-400
JB-600, JB-500, JB-450, RB-750, RB-700N, RB-650
Manufactured by Matsumoku industry co.
Perhaps 78-9-1 means 1 Sep. 1978