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from the '70s to '80s, Scanned Catalogs of Electric Guitars, Basses, Guitar Amps, Effects - Published in Japan

Fender Japan Electric Guitars Catalog 1984

There's no date of issue. Probably 1984.
D'Aquist, Flame, Esprit Ultra, Elite, Standard.
BOXER series Stratocaster ST557, ST556, ST535, ST555, ST551, Telecaster TL555
BOXER series bass PB555, PB551, JB555, PJ555, PJ535
Squier series 314mm scale stratocaster ST335, ST331
306mm scale Precision bass PB331, Jazz bass JB355
Stratocaster ST57-155, ST57-85, ST57-70, ST72-70, ST62-115, ST62-85, ST62-70
Squier series Stratocaster SST-30, CST-30
Telecaster TL52-95, TL52-70, TL62-70, TL62B-70, TN72-75, TL69-115
Precision Bass PB57-95, PB57-75, PB62-98, PB62-80
Jazz Bass JB62-115, JB62-80
Zinge series Stratocaster ST57-55, ST62-55, ST72-55
Telecaster TL72-55, TC72-60
Precision bass PB57-55, PB62-55
Jazz bass JB62-60
Sidekick and Keyman amps.
Sidekick 10, 10 Deluxe, Reverb10, Reverb20, Reverb30, Reverb50
Sidekick Bass 15, 30, 50
Keyman 60, Sidekick 15KB