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from the '70s to '80s, Scanned Catalogs of Electric Guitars, Basses, Guitar Amps, Effects - Published in Japan

Fender Japan Electric Guitars Catalog 1986

Twang eight catalog
Stratocasters ST'54-115, ST'547-115, ST'57-85, ST'57-70, ST'57-55, ST'62-85, ST'62-70, ST'62-55, ST'72-115, ST'72-70, ST'72-55, Squier branded SST30, CST30
Telecasters TL'52-75, TL'62-70, TL'62B-70, TL'69-115, TL'69-98, TL'69-75, TL'52-95, TL'72-55, TN'70-75, TN'72-75, TC'72-60, TD'75-65, Squier branded CTL30
Precision Bass PB'57-95, PB'57-75, PB'57-55, PB'62-98, PB'62-80, PB'62-55, Original Precision OPB'54-75, Telecaster Bass TLB'52-99, Jazz Bass JB'62-115, JB'62-80, JB'62-60, JB'62-60FL, JB335, JB'75-80
Explanations about pickups and tremolo units
BOXER series guitars
ST-756, ST-755, SF-456, SF-455, SF-451, ST-557, ST-556, ST-555, ST-535, ST-551, Medium scale ST314-60, ST314-55, ST-336,ST-335, ST-331
BOXER series guitars and basses
PF-555, TLG'80-60, TL-556, TL-555, Medium scale TL314-55
JB-555, PJ-535, PJ-555, PB-555, PB-551, PB-331, FB-555
Medium scale JB406-60
Collector series ST'67-85, TL'52-70SPL, TL'67-70SPL, ST'72-75, ST'72-65, TES'54-70, TES'61-70, JM'66-70, JG'66-75
EXTRAD series ST'54-140, ST'57-140, ST'62-140, TL'52-120
Accesories and left hand models

Probably "TWANG 8 1986-11-70" means 1986 issue.