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from the '70s to '80s, Scanned Catalogs of Electric Guitars, Basses, Guitar Amps, Effects - Published in Japan

Fender Japan Electric Guitars Catalog 1990

1990 issue catalog
Selected material, lacquer finish Extrad series ST62, ST54, TL52, PB62, PB57, JB62
Stratocaster ST62-900, ST62-770LS, ST62-650, ST62-500, ST62-480, ST57-770LS, ST57-650, ST57-500, ST57-480, ST57-900
Stratocaster ST54-770LS, ST54-900, ST54-650, ST54-500, ST72-860DSC, ST72-600SC, ST72-650, ST72-500, ST72-700SC
Telecaster TL52-900, TL52-700, TL52-600, TL62-700, TL62-600, TLG80-550, TL72-500, TN72-700, TN70-700, TC72-550, TL62B-650, TL62B-650, TD75-600
Telecaster TL52-650SPL, TL67-650SPL, TL69-900, TL69-700, EL69-700, Esquier TES54-650, TES61-650
Mustang MG69-550, Stratocaster ST67-770, Jaguer JG66-700, Jazzmaster JM66-650JM66-650, ST XII
Precision bass PB57-900, PB57-700, PB57-500, PB70-700, PB62-700, PB62-500, PB62-900
Jazz bass JB62-950, JB62-750, JB62-550, Fretless JB62-600FL, JB75-750
Left Hand model ST57-600L, ST62-600L, ST72-600L, TL72-600L, TC72-650L, PB57-600L, PB62-600L, JB62-650L
PRO-FEEL series STR-850LS, STR-650, STR-680, STR-730, STR-640, SHM-680
Medium scale STM-550G, STM-750DM, STM-650, STM-600, STM-500, TLM-500, TCM-600, Short scale strato STS-550
PJR-880LS, PJR-600, PJM-600
JBR-1000, JBR-800, JBV-950
Sidekick series amps Sidekick 15RX, 25RX, 35RX, 65RX, Squier 15T, Squier Bass
Studio Lead 15 Deluxe, Studio Lead 15 Special, Sidekick Switcher, Stage Lead II 1-12, Stage Lead II 2-12
Bassman 60, Bassman 30, Sidekick 35B, Sidekick 100B
Full tube guitar amp FAT1, FAT3, FAT5
Keyboard amp Sidekick 15KB, Sidekick KB, Sidekick 35KB, Keyman 60