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from the '70s to '80s, Scanned Catalogs of Electric Guitars, Basses, Guitar Amps, Effects - Published in Japan

Fender Japan Electric Guitar Catalog 1993

Limited EXTRAD series

Stratocaster ST62-95,ST62-85LS, ST62-70, ST62-53, ST57-95, ST57-85LS, ST57-70, ST57-53

Stratocaster ST54-95, ST54-85LS, ST54-70, ST54-53, ST72-58, ST72-75, ST72-75SC, ST72-80SC, ST72-95DSC

Telecaster TL52-95, TL52-75, TL52-65, TL62-70, TL62B-70, TL62-65

Telecaster TL75-58, TL72-53, TN72-75, TN70-75, TL69-75, TL69-75, TC72-60, TLG80-60

TL52-70SPL, TL67-70SPL, TES54-70, TES61-70, ST-XII, MG69-58, ST67-85, JG66-75, JM66-70

Precision Bass PB62-95, PB62-75, PB62-53, PB57-95, PB57-75, PB57-53, PB70-75, OPB51-95

Jazz Bass JB62-100, JB62-80, JB62-58, JB62-65FL, JB75-80, JB75-80

Electric-Acoustic TLCC-150, TLAC-100, PBAC-100, PBAC-100FL

STR-130LS, STR-90LS, STR-120SD, STR-110HD, STX-95, STR-85

Medium scale STM-85, STM-80DM, STM-58G, TLM-58, Short scale STS-58

PJR-95LS, PJR-65, PJM-65, JBR-106, JBR-85, JBV-100

TL52-200BB, ST68-120SPL, TL62B-77, STR-92LS, TLG-110LS, ES-RF, BASS VI, ST54-75RV, ST62G-65, ST57G-65, JB62G-70

MST-32, MTL-32, MPB-33, Left hand ST57-65L, ST62-65L, ST72-65L, TL72-70L, PB57-65L, PB62-65L, JB62-70L

Tweed Champ, Trad Tube 10R, FAT3, FAT1, Wood Champ, SKX-35R, SKX-25R, SKX-15R, SKX-15

Stage Lead 120, Studio Lead 22SC, Switcher 15, Studio 15, Sidekick 65RX, 35RX, 25RX, 15RX

Bassman 250, 100, 60, 30, 15
Steel Guitar SM-2, DX-8, DX-6


Jan. 1993