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from the '70s to '80s, Scanned Catalogs of Electric Guitars, Basses, Guitar Amps, Effects - Published in Japan

Fender Japan Electric Guitars Catalog 1994

1994 issue catalog
History of Fender
Extrad series limited modls
Stratocaster ST57-110, ST57-95LS, ST57-70, ST57-53, ST62-110, ST62-95LS, ST62-70, ST62-53
Stratocaster ST54-110, ST54-95LS,@ST54-85RV, ST54-53, ST72-110DSC, ST72-85SC, ST72-65, ST72-53
Telecaster TL52-110, TL52-85, TL52-75, TL62-75, TL62B-80,TL62-80, TL72-65, TL72-53
Telecaster TN72-85, TC72-70, TL69-85, TL52-80SPL, TL67-80SPL, TLG80-70, TL57-200BB, Jaguar JG66-85, Jazzmaster JM66-80, Original Precision Bass OPB51-95
Precision Bass PB62-110, PB62-75, PB62-53, PB57-110, PB57-75, PB57-53, PB70-85, Jazz Bass JB62-115, JB62-80, JB62-58, JB62-65FL, JB75-90
Takeshi Terauchi model TERRY-1 Anniversary, TL62B-77, Roben Ford model ES-RF, BASS VI, Stratocaster ST67-95, ST62G-65, ST57G-65, JB62G-70
Stratocaster STR-125DM, STR-120SD, STR-100LS, STR-85, STX-95, Medium Scale Strat STM-80DM, STM-65G, Short Scale Strat STS-65
JBR-95, PJR-65, PJM-65, PBAC-100, PBAC-100FL, TLCC-150, TLAC-100
Squier SST-39, SST-36, SST-33, STL-33, SPB-33, SJB-36
ST57-65L, ST62-65L, TL72-65L, PB57-65L, PB62-65L, JB62-70L
ST-CHAMP, MST-32, MTL-32, MPB-33
String Master SM-2, DELUXE 6, DELUXE 8
Guitar amp Tweed Champ, Tweed Champ Reverb, Trad Tube 10R, FAT3, FAT1, Wood Champ, Wood Champ Reverb, BT 10R, Studio Lead 22SC, Switcher 15, Studio 15
Guitar amp Sidekick 65RX, 35RX, 25RX, SKX 35R, 25R, 15R
Bass amp Bassman 250, 70, 15, 35
1, Nov. 1993