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from the '70s to '80s, Scanned Catalogs of Electric Guitars, Basses, Guitar Amps, Effects - Published in Japan

Fender Japan Electric Guitars Catalog 1996

1996 issue catalog
Stratocaster ST57-70TX, ST62-70TX, ST57-53, ST62-53
Stratocaster ST54-95LS, ST54-80AM, ST62G-80TX, ST68-85TX
ST72-53, ST72-65, ST72-85SC, STG-65, STR-65SP
Telecaster TL52-80TX, TL52-75, TL62-75, TL52-70, TL62B-80, TL62-80
TL72-65, TL72-53, TN72-85, TC72-70, TL52-80SPL, TL67-80SPL
TL69-85, TL69-150, TLG-70P, TLR-65SP
314mm scale Stratocaster ST57M-53, ST62M-53, 406mm scale Jazz bass JB62M-58, Mustang MG69-65, Jaguar JG66-85, Jazzmaster JM66-80
Jag-stang JSG-65
Yngwie Malmsteen Signature models ST72-140YM, ST62-140YM, STCL-140YM, ST57-140YM, STW-230YM
Richie Sambora signature model STR-135RS, STR-140RS
Richie Kotzen model STR-135RK, TLR-135RK
Nokie Edwards model TL-235NE
The Ventures model JB-165VR, JM-165VR, ST-165VR
Precision bass PB62-70US, PB57-70US, PB62-53, PB57-53, PB70-85
Jazz Bass JB62-75US, JB62-77FL, JB62-58, JB75-90, JBG-70
Electric Classic Stratocaster STCL-100
Electric Classic Telecaster TLCL-120
ST-35/M, ST-35/R, TL-35, PB-35, JB-38
ST57-65L, ST62-65L, TL72-65L, TL72-70L, PB57-65L, PB62-5L, JB62-70L
Stringmaster SM-2, Dual6 SM-D6
Guitar Amp Studio 15R, Studio 15, BT10R, MT-10
Bass Amp Bassman 35X, 15
Tweed Champ