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from the '70s to '80s, Scanned Catalogs of Electric Guitars, Basses, Guitar Amps, Effects - Published in Japan

Fernandes Electric Guitars / Basses Catalog 1981

"The Function" and "The Revival" brand appears, but all models are same as catalog in Nov. 1980.
Stratocaster models FST-90T, FST-120(Koa body), FST-65T, FST-60J
Stratocaster models FST-80, FST-60, Telecaster models FTE-60, FTE-70, Mustang model FMT-50
Precision bass models FPB-80, FPB-120(Koa body), FPB-60, FPB-40, FPB-60FL(Fretless)
Volume knob works as coil tap switch (except FPB-40).
Jazz bass models FJB-85, FJB-125(Koa body), FJB-65,FJB-65J(Fretless, Jaco Pastorius model)
"Burny" Les Paul models FLG-240, FLG-150, FLG-90, ES-335 model FSA-80
SG model FSG-65, double neck SG model FSG-120, Explorer model FEX-70, Flying V type FFV-70.
J-45 model BJ-100, BJ-80, BJ-70, Dove model BD-100, Hummingbird model BH-75
B.C Rich Bitch models FBG-170, FBG-180, Mockingbird models FMG-150, FMG-160, FMG-175, Eagle models FEG-150, FEG-160, Eagle bass models FEB-160, FEB-170
Alembic type Guitars FAG-170, FAG-170-12, FAG-240W, Basses FAB-170, FAB-180
Fernandes originl shape guitars and basses MH-110, MHB-110, V-7, FYB-70, FPM-70, FPM-80, BO-50, BO-60
1 Mar. 1981