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from the '70s to '80s, Scanned Catalogs of Electric Guitars, Basses, Guitar Amps, Effects - Published in Japan

Fernandes Electric Guitars / Basses Catalog 1982

LP jacket size brochure.
"The Revival" stratocaster models. RST-80('54 and '59), RST-70('57 and '64), RST-50('57 and '64)
"The Revival" Telecaster RTE-80('48), RTE-70('59), RTE-60('54 and '59), Mustang RMT-50('64), Esquire RES-70('59), RES-60('54)
Jazz bass RJB-75('60), RJB-55('64), precision bass RPB-70('57 and '59), RPB-50('57 and '64)
Musician's Limited Series.
Eric Clapton model EX-80C, Dave Murray model ST-85DM, Jeff Beck model ST-70J, Michael Schenker model FV-85MS, Jimmy Page model SG-140JP, Jaco Pastorius model JB-70J, Neal Schon model LG-135NS, Van Halen model ST-135VH, Paul McCartney model RB-80PM, Ritchie Blackmore model ST-80RBM, Eikichi Yazawa model YB-70
Burny guitars.
Les Paul RLG-150, RLG-120, RLG-90, RLG-60, RLC-60, RLG-50,
ES-335 type RSA-100, Les Paul Junior model RLJ-80, Les Paul TV model RTV-80, SG RSG-75, Flying V model RFV-75, Explorer model REX-80
"The Function" series.
Stratocaster shape FST-120H ,FST-90T/H, FST-70T/H-C, FST-70T/H, ST-130 and ST-160, Flying V shape FV-135, Explorer shape EX-145, B.C.Rich type MG-160, EG-160, BG-180, EB-170, Alembic type AG-170, AB-170, AB-180.
Guitar amp "GYRO" series GRT-100E, GR-60, GR-40, bass amp GRB-60, GRB-30, GRB-20, RV series RV-60, RV-20
Mar. 1982
Annex "Specification Catalogue"
RST stratocaster series
RST and RTE telecaster
RJB jazz bass and RPB precision bass
Musician's Limited Series
"Burny" Les Paul guitars
"Burny" SG
"The Function" series
Guitar amp "GYRO" and RV series
Color variation chart