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Fernandes Electric Guitars / Basses Catalog 1983

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Enlarge Image "The Function" series models FST-155 and FST-135 with Floyd Rose.
Enlarge Image FST-115 with Floyd Rose and FST-95 with "Head Banker" tremolo.
Enlarge Image FST-80 and FST-75 with "Head Banker" tremolo.
Enlarge Image FST-120H with Froyd Rose tremolo.
FST-90H, FST-50, with "Head Banker" tremolo.
FST-90T/H and FST-70T/H(-C) takes "Two Shot" Hambacker.
Enlarge Image EX-145, EX-95 Explorer shaped guitar with Floyd Rose tremolo,
FV-135 Flying V shaped guitar with Floyd Rose tremolo.
EXB-85 Explore shaped bass.
RRB-80 Rickenbacker 4001 model bass.
Enlarge Image SB-85 Stingray bass. ST-160,
ST-130 has Stratocaster shape and binding.
TED-80 has stratocaster shape with hambacker and tremolo.
B.C.RICH style guitarEG-160, MG-160, BG-180, EB-170.
Alembic style guitar AG-170, AB-170, AB-180.
Enlarge Image Floyd rose and Head Banker tremolo system.
Enlarge Image The musician's series.
Angus Young (AC/DC) model SG-75AY, Randy Rhoads (Ozzy Osbourne band) model LC-70RR, FV-105RR, Steve Lukather (TOTO) model ST-145SL, ST-90SL, Brad Gillis (Night Ranger) model ST-105BG, Gary Moore (Thin Lizzy) model ST-80GM.
Enlarge Image Eric Clapton model explorer EX-80C, Dave Murray (Iron Maiden) model ST-85DM, Jeff Beck stratocaster model ST-70J, Michael Schenker flying V model FV-85MS, Jimmy Page SG double neck model SG-140JP, Jaco Pastorius model JB-70J, Neal Schon (Journey) Les Paul model LG-135NS, Van Halen stratocaster model ST-135VH, Paul McCartney Rickenbacker model bass RB-80PM, Ritchie Blackmore model stratocaster ST-80RBM, Eikichi Yazawa model bass YB-70, Mick Jones (Foreigner) model ML-120MJ.
Enlarge Image The Revival series stratocaster model RST-80 ('54 and '59).
Enlarge Image Stratocasuter model RST-70 ('57 and '64), RST-50 ('57 and '64).
Enlarge Image Stratocaster model RST-60 ('66), RST-50 ('72 and '76).
Enlarge Image Telecaster model RTE-80 ('48), RTE-70 ('59), RTE-60 ('54 and '59), Mustang model RMT-50 ('64), Esquire model RES-70 ('54), RES-60('59).
Enlarge Image Jazz bass model RJB-75, RJB-55, Precision bass model RPB-70, RPB-50.
Enlarge Image Burny Les Paul model RLG-150, RLG-120, RLG-90, RLG-60, RLG-50, RLC-60.
Enlarge Image Semi-acoustic ES-335 model RSA-100, Les Paul Junior model RLJ-80, TV model RTV-80, SG model RSG-75, Flying V model RFV-75, Explore model REX-80.
Enlarge Image Fernandes original pickups and parts.
Enlarge Image Guitar and Bass amp "Gyro" series GRT-100E, GRT-100, GR-60, GR-40, GR-10, GRB-30, GRB-20.
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