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Greco Vol.8 1977

Greco Guitar Catalog Vol.6 (1977)

1977 Vol.6 catalog

Les Paul models EG1000B, EG1000R, EG900, EG800S, EG800R, EG800T, EG700B, EG700S, EG700R, EG700T, EG600B, EG600S, EG600GS, EG600R

Les Paul models EG480R, EG480S, EG480B, EG380S, EG380B, SG models SG600, SG400T, SG360, Hollow body and Semi-Hollow body guitars L200S, J115S, L100N, S-5S, N-60, SA700W, SA500, SA550R

Stratocaster models SE800T, SE800N, SE800S, SE600N, SE600S, SE600W, SE600B, SE500N, SE500B, SE500W, SE500S, Telecaster models TE500N, TD500, TC500

Telecaster models TL500BR, TL500A, TL500N, Precision bass models PB750N, PB580N, PB580S, PB420B, PB420N, Jazz bass models JB600N, JB500S, JB450S

Many variations of guitars and basses. PB420W, PB420S, FVB600, VB450, VB360, EB720, EB420, RB700N,EX800, MD900, RG550N, RG550S, FV900, FV600, SB850

Mr.1000R, Mr.1000T, Mr.800R, Mr.800T. Oct. 1976

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