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from the '70s to '90s, Scanned Catalogs of Electric Guitars, Basses, Guitar Amps, Effects - Published in Japan

Greco Electric Guitar Catalog 1978

1978, Volume 9
MR series MR1000, MR800, MR600
MR means Mick Ralphs
Les Paul models EG1000, EG900, EG800, EG800P, EG800C, EG800GS
Les Paul models EG700, EG600C, EG600J, EG600P, EG600GS
Les Paul models EG500, EG500C, EG450, SG model SS600, SS500, Rickenbacker model RG750B, RG800, RG550
Stratocaster models SE800, SE700
SE600, SE500
SE450, Telecaster TC500, TE500, TD500, TL500
Full hollowbody L200, L100, HR680, J115, S55, BR110, N60
SA800, SA700, SA550, SA500, EX800, FB98, FV900, FV600
Precision bass PB700, PB600, PB500
Precision bass PB450,Jazz bass JB600, JB500, Flying-V bass FVB900Y, FVB700
Rickenbacker 4001 model RB700, Violin bass VB500, SG bass EB500, EB720, EXB900Y
Greco original "GO" GOW1500, GO1400
GO1200, GO1000, GO900, GO700, GOB1200, GOB900, GOB700
Mirage M1000, M900, M800, M700, M600
"Project series" EG1500, EG1350, EG1200, SE1200, SE1000
Project series BM900, TB900, TB1100, SA900, PMB800, PMB1000