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from the '70s to '80s, Scanned Catalogs of Electric Guitars, Basses, Guitar Amps, Effects - Published in Japan

Greco Electric Guitars / Basses Catalog 1979

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Enlarge Image Neck Through guitar GOII750.
Enlarge Image GOII700, GOII600, GOII550
Enlarge Image GO series guitars GO1400, GO900, GO700.
GOB bass guitasr GOB900, GOBII750, GOBII650
Enlarge Image Full acoustic SW series SW2000, SW1200
Solid MR series MR1000, MR800, MR600.
Enlarge Image Semi acoustic SV600, SV800.
Enlarge Image Unique "Mirage" shape guitar M series M1000, M600.
MX series MX800, MX600.
Enlarge Image Q&A about electric guitar. For example, "I want to buy a lead guitar. Which model is lead guitar ?"

Les Paul model EG1000, EG900.
Enlarge Image Les Paul model EG800GS with P-90 type pickups, EG800PB (3 pickups Peter frampton model), EB800PR (3 pickups Ace Frehley model), EG800, EG800C
Enlarge Image Les Paul model EG700W (Al Di Meola model), EG700GG, EG700BB, EG700.
Enlarge Image Les Paul model EG600PR (3 pickups Ace Frehley model), EG600PB (3 pickups Peter Frampton model), EG500J (Jeff Beck Model), EG500GS (thin humbacker), EG500C, EG500, EG450.
Enlarge Image Stratocaster model SE800, SE700, SE800J (Jeff Beck model)
Enlarge Image Stratocaster model SE600, SE500, SE600J (Jeff Beck model), SE500J (looks like Jeff Beck model but circuit isn't same).
Enlarge Image Stratocaster model SE450, SE380.
Telecaster model TL500, TC500 (Custom model)
Enlarge Image TE500 (Thinline telecaster type), TD500(Deluxe Telecaster type).
SG model SS600, SS500. Firebird model FB980.
Enlarge Image Explorer type EX800, EX800H, Flying V type FV900, FV600.
Enlarge Image ES345 type SA800, ES335 type SA700, SA550, GRECO original small body model SA500.
Enlarge Image Precision bass model PB700, PB600, PB500, PB450.
Enlarge Image Jazz bass model JB600, JB500, flying V shape bass FVB900, FVB700, Explorer shape bass EXB900.
Enlarge Image SG shape bass EB720, EB500, Violin bass VB500, Rickenbacker 4001 type bass RB700.
Enlarge Image PROJECT model
Les Paul model EG1500, EG1200, Stratocaster model SE1200, SE1000, Brian May model BM900, Semi acoustic model SA900.
Enlarge Image Project model
Thunderbird type bass TB1100, TB900, Paul McCartney's Rickenbacker 4001 bass model PMB1000, PMB800.
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