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GRECO Electric Guitars / Basses Catalog 1981

Technology of Les Paul and ES-335 type guitar
Les Paul EGF1800, EGF1200, EGF1000 with Dimarzio PAF, EG900 with Dimarzio PAF, EG1000, EG800, EGF850, EG800GS with P-90 type pickup.
Les Paul EG800C, EG800P, EG600P, EG700, EG700G, EG500, EG500C, EG500GS, EG480, EG450
SG type double neck SGW1300, SS800, SS700, SS600, SS500, Explorer EX800H and EX800, Flying V FV800 and FV600
ES-335 models SA1200, SA900, SA800, SA700, SA550
Stratocaster models SE1200(Flame maple neck), SE800, Telecaster TL800
tratocaster models SE800J, SE600J, SE700, SE600, SE500J, SE500, SE450, SE380
Telecaster models TL800, CT600, TL500, TC500, TD500, TE500, Brian May's "Red Special" model BM900, John Lennon model RG750, RG550
Jazz Bass JB800, JB800JP(Jaco Pastorius model), JB600, JB500, Precision Bass PB700
Precision Bass models PB700, PB600, PB500, PB450, PMB800, RB700, TB900, EB720, EB500, VB500
Greco original "Boogie" BG800
Mirage M1000, M900, M800, M600, Semi Acoustic SV800 and SV600, Bass GOBII950, GOBII750, GOBII950FL(Fretless)
GOII950, GOII750, GOII700, GOII600, GOII1000, GO900, GO700, GOIII1800, GOIII1300, GOIII700, BW600, MR1000, MR600, MX800, MX600
SW2000, SW1200, Bass GOB1200, GOB900, GOB700
Guitar Synthesizer Controller. G808, G303, G505, G202
Bass Guitar Synthesizer Controller G88 and G33
Synthesizer unit GR-300, GR-100, GR-33B
Accesories, Learning casset tape