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Greco Electric Guitars Catalog 1982 - The Mint Collection

1982 issue "The Mint Collection" catalog
Les Paul standard models
rear from L to R EG59-50, EG59-85, EG60-150, EG58-120, EG60-180, EG59-45, EG59-70
front EG56-60, EG57-50
EG59-100, EG52-G(sample), EG54-G(sample)
Les Paul custom models EGC68-50, EGC57-60, EGC68-80, EGC58-100
Les Paul Junior model EJR54-50, EJR59-50D
SG models SS63-50, SS63-70, ES335 model SA63-60, SA59-120
Flying V model FV64-80, ES175 model FA67-70
Thumderbird model TB64-80
Explanations about EG series
Explanations about EGC series
Explanations about EJR, FV, SA, SS series
Materials and Factory machines
about Pickups
15 May. 1982