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from the '70s to '90s, Scanned Catalogs of Electric Guitars, Basses, Guitar Amps, Effects - Published in Japan

Greco Electric Guitars Catalog 1989

1989 issue catalog
Spitfire series guitars SPF-70, SPF-55, SPF-40, SPF-40HR
Bombard series guitars BOM-65G, BOM-65, BOM-60
Yuji Adachi model Y-60, Kazuhide Shirota model KS-85, KS-65
JJ, JSH model guitars JJ-115, JJ-75, JSH-75, JJ-60, JSH-60
TRS, TRH model guitars TRS-120, TRH-120, TRS-60, TRH-60
NYS-65, GPH-60, GPS-60
Phoenix series basses PXB-100, PXB-80
JJB series basses JJB-650, JJB-600
JJB-L55, JJB-M55, PJB-L55, PJB-M55
Bombard bass BOB-65
Formula series basses F-120J, F-110P, F-100J, F-100P
Mint collection series Les paul models EGC68-60, EGC57-70, EG59-60, EG59-70, EG56-70
SG models SS63-75, SS63-60, SS63-60S, SJR63-60, JPW-160
Les Paul Junior models EJR59-60D, EJR54-60, EGS56-65
ES-175 model FA67-75, ES-335 model SA64-70
Collection series guitars LS-120, EGW-80, EGW-70
JS-60, RR-60, RR-70, MM-60, MM-65, FV-65
RS-90, FB-70, FB-60, DE-70
WFA-140, RJ-85
Rickenbacker 325 models JLG-80, JLG-85, 360 model RG-85, 360/12 model RG-95
TVB-65, TVB-45, EB-65, RB-85, PMB-85
SAB-100, VB-165, VB-65
TB-75, TB-70, TBR-70, TBR-75, FVB-75
D-80P, J-60E, LG-100
Specification chart
Music Man Sting Ray and Sting Ray 5 basses
Hohner guitars and basses SEB-2A, SEG-3T, B-2, SEG-2T, B-2V
Spector basses and guitars NS-6, NS-2, NS-2 OIL, NS-2A, NS-5, NS-CUSTOM
Laney amps
ampeg amps
Gallien-Krueger amps
Crate amps
Rivera amps
Trace Elliot amps
Lexicon effects
Maxon stomp effects
Maxon wireless systems
Shure microphones
Washburn guitars and basses GJR, G4V, EC-36, EC-36EX, EC-29, EC-29EX, B-2, B-10, B-15
Washburn acoustic guitars EA-40BE, EA-40, EA-4012, EA-50
Atlansia basses Victoria Special, Victoria Special 5ST., Victoria Special 6ST., Galaxy Deluxe, Stealth, Alien
Concord Custom, Concord Super, Concord Special, Garland Deluxe Passive, Garland Deluxe Active, Concord Deluxe
Dec. 1988