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from the '70s to '90s, Scanned Catalogs of Electric Guitars, Basses, Guitar Amps, Effects - Published in Japan

Greco Electric Guitars Catalog 1994

1994 issue catalog
GP-850 Guitar with Floyd Rose
GP-700, GP-650
GP-550, GP-330, GP-400, GP-460
WP-570, WP-380, WP-450, WP-800GR for GR Guitar Synthesizer
M-90, M-110FR, M-120B
PXB-1250, PXB-800, PXB-650
Medium Scale PJB-540, PJB-520, PJB-400
PT-600, PTR-700, LG-100, LGB-100
CS-48, CS-60, CD-90, CS-120, CSF-90, CSF-120, DS-90, AN-12, AN-18
TV-800SE, SS-80P2, AW-90P2
GP-280, WP-300, PJB-300, GP-340L
AP-1000, APB-1000, VB-80, MINI-FV
Atlansia Galaxy Special, Pegasus, Pentagone 5ST, Victoria Special, Victoria BS Modl L900 6ST, The Century
Greco Strings and HEXA cables
Nov. 1993