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Guyatone Electric Guitars / Amps Catalog 1980 Autumn

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1980 Autumn Issue

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Tube Guitar Amp Flip Series.
Tube + Transistor stereo guitar amp GA-4040 (FLIP4040), GA-3000(FLIP3000), GA-1000MKII(FLIP1000MKII), GA-1500 (mild FLIP1500), GA-500 (mild FLIP500)

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FET featured Guitar amp Zip series GA-655, GA-455, GA-200, GA-100.
Bass amp with VCF (Envelope Filter ?) GA-300B, GA-200B, GA-EXB, GA-SXB.
Mini guitar amp SX1.

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Vocal Amp VA-120ST, VA-120, VA-60ST, VA-60, VA-201, VA-101, ME-55.
Karaoke system with 8-track tape deck MK-60ST, MK-30.

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Speakers VS-100FL, VS-120, VS-60, VS-30, MS-60, MS-30

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Analog delay AE-5, Tape Echo EM-808, Dynamic microphone M-20, M-9.

Compact Effects
PS-101(Phase Shifter), PS-102(Distortion), PS-103(Compressor), PS-104(Envelope Filter), PS-105(Graphic Equalizer), PS-106(Octaver), PS-107(Flanger), PS-108(Noise Gate), PS-109(Analog Delay), PS-110(Chorus), PS-111(Graphic Equalizer), PF-201(Wah + Foot Volume), MH-301(Headphone with built-in amp)

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Electric Guitar "Glory" series LG-1000 Custom, LG-1000 Deluxe, LG-1000 Standard.
Electric Guitar "Marroly" LG-880. LG880 was developed with Rory Gallagher.

Electric guitar LG-350T custom, Electric bass EB-9 custom.

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Pedal Steel Guitar HG-508P, Lap Steel Guitar HG-306D, HG-308D, HG-188D.

Pickup for acoustic guitar GP-75A, GP-5A, GP-200, GP-300, GP-12A, GP-24, GP-33,
GP-35, GP-40.

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Tube guitar amp GA-2000MKII

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Keyboard mixer amp KB-20, Bass Amp GA-60B.

New compact effects PS-001 distortion, PS-002 chorus, PS-003 compressor, PS-004 flanger, PS-005 overdrive, PS-006 analog delay.