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from the '70s to '80s, Scanned Catalogs of Electric Guitars, Basses, Guitar Amps, Effects - Published in Japan

Ibanez Electric Guitars / Basses Catalog 1997

1997 issue catalog
Steve Vai model JEM series JEM555, JEM77, JEM7, JEM7V
Joe Satriani model JS1000
Paul Gilbert model PGM500, PGM300, PGM800, PGM30
Paul Stanley model PS10-II
J-CUSTOM series RG1712, RG1702, RG1608
J CUSTOM series RG1308, RG1302
RG series RG680, RG670
RG620, RG570, RG670
RG480, RG470, RG380
RG380, RG320, RG70
S-CLASSIC series SC620, SC420
S series S540LTD, S540F
S series S470, S370, RX180
TALMAN series TC930, TC920, TC630, TC620
Pat Metheny model PM100
George Benson model GB10, GB100
Artstar series AS200, AM200, AF200
SR series bass guitar SR5000, SR1300, SR1000, SR900
SR850, SR600
SR890, SR600
SR390, SR370, SR360
ATK series bass ATK600, ATK300
TR series bass guitar TR200, TR70
2681, MC300, MC924, AR300
Stomp Effects
PH99, AD99, RC99, FL99
FZ5, SP5, FL5, PL5, TS5, AW5, CD5, CS5, PH5, CP5, DL5, BP5, BC5, CM5, TM5, TL5
VL10, WF10, WH10 and Guitar amps
1 Nov. 1996