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from the '70s to '80s, Scanned Catalogs of Electric Guitars, Basses, Guitar Amps, Effects - Published in Japan

Kasuga Electric Guitars Catalog 198x

Kasuga original model's catalog.
Fender and Gibson copy models are branded as 'Heerby'.
Scorpion series guitars SC-1500, SC-1200, SC-900. Each models has neck-thru. SC-1500 mounts Dimarzio PAF (front), Dimarzio Dual Sound (rear)
Scorpion series guitars SC-800, SC-600.
1 humbucker and neck-thru.
Scorpion series bass guitars SCB-1200, SCB-900. Each models has neck-thru, SCB-1200 mounts Dimarzio pickup.
Scorpion series double neck bass and guitar SCW6-4 and 8-strings bass guitar SCB-8.
The first japan domestic model of Kasuga, DEVIL-1 guitar. Dimarzio Pickups.