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from the '70s to '80s, Scanned Catalogs of Electric Guitars, Basses, Guitar Amps, Effects - Published in Japan

Kawai Electric Guitars Catalog 1990

Kawai catalog as "Rockoon" brand

628mm scale RG series guitars RG-65S, RG-73, RG-100K

RGT-50S RGT-50H, PG-69

RJ-43, RF-38, RF-85K, RM-65,@RA-65

MS-80, RB-51PJ, RB-55PJ, RB-61PJ

RB series bass RB-65A, RB-77PJ, RB-85K JJ, RB-100R JJ/PJ, RB-80JJ FL, RB-855S
F-IIB 110K

RHB-55, RHB-42, RCB-50, RCB-70A

Dec. 1990 issue