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from the '70s to '90s, Scanned Catalogs of Electric Guitars, Basses, Guitar Amps, Effects - Published in Japan

Moon Electric Guitars Catalog 1985

1985 issue catalog
Stratocaster models ST-172 Bartolini, ST-175 Bartolini, ST-177 Bartolini, ST-125 REAL, ST-135 2HB, ST-173 Bartlini 2HB, ST-165 Bartolini
Jazz Bass models J-J165 Bartolini, J-J175 Bartolini Fretless, Joggy130 Larry Graham Model, Joggy130, Joggy140 Fretless "Jaco"
ST-175 EMG, ST-168 EMG, J-J175 EMG
ST-198 Alembic, ST-201 Alembic, J-J198 Alembic
Bartolini pickups
Woody Series guitras ST-195 EMG Walnut, ST-218 Alembic Walnut, ST-195 Bartolini Baduak, ST-200 EMG Paduak ST-200 Bartolini Teak
Woody Series basses J-J-190 EMG Paduak, J-J-180 Bartlini Teak, J-J-208 Alembic Walnut, J-J-185 EMG Walnut, JB-185 Bartolini Walnut, JB-200 EMG Teak, PJ-185 Bartolini Walnut, PJ-195 EMG Walnut
Custom Telly-170, Hard Telly-130, TE-P.T.170, ST-140 SSH, ST-M.A.238, JP-170 Bartolini, JB-170 Bartolini
A-T 180, A-T 195, A-T 140
Telecaster model TEW-185 EMG WAL, TE-165 DUN, TE-165 DUN, TES-150 DUN
Reggae Master
Oct. 1985