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from the '70s to '90s, Scanned Catalogs of Electric Guitars, Basses, Guitar Amps, Effects - Published in Japan

Music Man Electric Guitars / Amps Catalog 1978
Saber II Guitar, Stingray Guitar
Stingray Bass
Guitar amps112-65, 115-65, 210-65, 212-65, 410-65
210HD-130, 212HD-130, 410HD-130
112-65RD, 112-65RP, 112-100RDEVM, 112-100RPEVM
65, 65reverb, HD130, HD130Reverb, 412GS, 115RH-65, 115RH-65EVM, 210RH-130, 212RH-130, 212RH-130EVM, 118RH-130EVM
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