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from the '70s to '90s, Scanned Catalogs of Electric Guitars, Basses, Guitar Amps, Effects - Published in Japan

Orville by Gibson Electric Guitars Catalog 1992

catalog in 1992
"Orville by Gibson" models features U.S. gibson pickups. "Orville" model's pickups are Japan made.
Orville by Gibson LPS-QM/Les Pal Standard Quilted Maple, LPS-FM/Les Paul Standard Flame Maple Top
Orville by Gibson LPS-Q/Les Paul Standard w/Laminated Quilted Maple, LPS-T/Les Paul Standard w/Laminated Tiger Maple, LPS w/P-90 Les Paul Standard w/P-90
Orville by Gibson LPS/LPS Standard, LPS-L/H, Orville LPS-75/Les Paul Standard
Orville by Gibson LPC/Les Paul Custom, LPC-L/H, LPC-w/3PU, Orville LPC-75
Orville by Gibson SG/SG'62 Re-issue, SGC/SG Custom, Orville SG-65/SG'62 Re-issue
Orville by Gibson FB/Firebird, FV-74/'74 Flying V, FV-58/'58 Flying V, EX/Explorer
Orville LPJD-70/Les Paul Junior Double Cut-a-way, LPJ-70/Les Paul Junior, Orville by Gibson TB/Thunder-Bird, Orville EB-3
Orville by Gibson ES/ES-335 Dot, ES-175/ES-175D
Orville by Gibson J-200, DOVE, Humming Bird, J-160E, J-45
Orville by Gibson C Atkins/ Chet Atkins CE
Accesories and Color Variations
20 Apr. 1992