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Tokai Electric Guitars Catalog 1980

Catalog in 1980
Stratocaster models ST-80GS, ST-60YS, ST-100N, ST-80GSR, ST-50BB
Stratocaster models SS-80YS, SS-85N, SS-48BBR, SS-400WR, SS-40YS, SS-36BB
Les Paul models LS-150CS, LS-80GT, LS-100OS, LS-60CS, LS-80BS, LS-50BB

Jan. 1, 1980

LS-200OS "Pro Model"
Precision Bass models PB-80GS, PB-80GSR, PB-60OWR, PB-48YS, PB-40BB
Description of ST and SS Stratocaster models.
about LS and PB models