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Tokai Electric Guitars Catalog 1984
Photos from "The Band" reunion concert in japan 1983 (Rick Danko, Earl Cate).
Les Paul models TLS50, TLS60, TLS80, TLS100, TLS150, TLS200, TLS70, TLS75-AG, TLS100S(All mahogany)
Les Paul Custom model TLC60, TLC100, TLC110, SG models TSG50, TSG60, ES-335 models TES100, TES150, TES200
Flying V models TFV50, TFV70, TFV80, Explorer model TEX70, TEX75, TEX80
Stratocaster models TST50(1958), TST60(1954), TST80(1954), TST70(1964), TST50(1964), TST60(1964), TST80(1960), TST100-ET
Telecaster models TTE55(1958), TTE70(1958), TTE80(1948), TTE50(1964), TTE70(1964), TTE80(1964), TTE60(1969), TTE200(1969), TTE150
Stratocaster models TSS38, TSS40, TSS48, TSS50, TSS60, TSS80
Precision bass models TPB40, TPB48, TPB50, TPB60, TPB50V(1959), TPB80V(1957), TPB80V(1960)
Jazz bass models TJB45(1964), TJB60(1964), TJB70-F(Jaco Pastorius model), TJB50(1964), TJB80(1960), TJB70-J(1960)
Alminium body guitar 'Talbo' A-80S, A-80D, A-100S, A-100D, A-150S, A-150D
Tokai's original shape guitars FSD45, FSD50, FSD65, FSD70, FSD120, TZ45, TZ55, TZ65, TZ80, FVD45, FVD50, FVD65, FVD70, FVD120, EXD45, EXD50, EXD65, EXD70, EXD120
Original shape guitar VX45, VX55, VX65, VX80, SX38, SX45, SX55, SX65
Medium scale bass MBX45, MBX55, MBX70.
Long scale, 24 Frets bass LBX50, LBX60, LBX80

About Pickups
About E.T. tremolo system
Specifications 1 of 2
Specifications 2 of 2
15 Oct. 1983