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Yamaha 1977

YAMAHA guitar amps catalog 1977

Guitar amp and P.A. equipments catalog, year in 1977.

J series guitar amps J-35, J-25, J-45II, J-45B

J-55, J-65, J-75, J-55B, J-85, J-105, J-115, J-125

J-135, J-145, J-115B, Rotary speaker RA-70, RA-200

Guitar amp head J-100, Speaker cabinet J-100S, J-110S, J-140S, J-160S

Bass amp head J-100B, Speaker Cabinet J-110L, J-120L

Powered mixer EM-80, EM-100, EM-120, EM-150

Mixer PM-170, PM-180, PM-210, PM-430

PA Mixing console PM-700, PM-1000

Speaker S0110T, S0112T, S0410H, S4115H, Powered speaker A0410H, A4115H

Floor monitor S2115H, Speaker S6115H, Crossover Divider F1030, Crossover network for S6115H N1020

Power amps P2100, P2200

Nov. 1977 issue

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