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Yamaha 1979

YAMAHA guitar amps catalog 1979

Catalog in 1979

Guitar amp F100-112

F series Guitar amps F100-212, F100-115, Bass amp F100-115B

G-10L, G-10W, J-15, J-25, J-35, J-45II

J-55, J-65, J-75, J-35B, J-45B, J-55B

J-85, J-105, J-115, J-125, J-135, J-145, J-115B

Rotary speaker amp RA-70, Analog delay E1010, Guitar amp head J-100, Speaker J-100S

Speaker cabinets J-110S, J-140S, J-160S, Bass amp head J-100B, Speaker cabinets for bass J-110L, J-120L

Specs and prices, Jul. 1979

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