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YAMAHA Electric Guitars Catalog 1985

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BX-1 Bass
Enlarge Image New pickups and Locking tremolo "Rockin' Magic"
Enlarge Image SG guitars
SG-2500, SG-1600, SG-1000N, SG-1300, SG-510, SG-1300TS

Enlarge Image 5-strings bass BB-5000
BB-VIA, BB-X24(24-frets, bolt-on neck), BB-1300(2-hambacker), BB-V, BB-VI, BB-VIS, BB-X, BB-3000
Enlarge Image Semi acoustic guitar SA-2500, Full acoustic guitar AE-2000
PB-600R, STH-500R/M, Les Paul model LP-600,, Jazz bass model JB-600R.
Enlarge Image Guitars EX-2, VX-2, Bass EBX-1
Enlarge Image Features

Enlarge Image SG-3000custom, SG-2500, SG-2000, SG-1600, SG-1300TS, ST-1300-24, SG-1300, SG-1000-24, SG-1000N, SG-1000, SG-510
STH-500R, STH-500M, STH-400R,
LP-1000, LP-800C, LP-600, LP-500, LP-400
Enlarge Image EX-1, EX-2, VX-1, VX-2
SA-2500, SA-1800, SA-1300, SA-900
AE-2000, AE-1200
CWE-58, CWE-28, CWE-18, CWE-18C
BB-5000, BB-3000, BB-2000, BB-1300, BB-1200, BB-X-24, BB-X, BB-VII
Enlarge Image BB-VI, BB-VIA, BB-V, BB-2000S, BB-VIIS, BB-VIS
PB-600R, PB-500R, PB-500M, PB-400R, PB-400RA, PB-400M, JB-600R, JB-500R
EBX-1, BX-1
Enlarge Image Specificatons
Enlarge Image Options, Strings