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YAMAHA Electric Guitars Catalog 1985 Winter
Extracts from 1985 winter general catalog.
All guitars has locking tremolo system "Rockin' Magic II"(Except TSG).
SFX series guitars, SFX-I, SFX-II, SFX-III, Session series guitars, Session 512, 503, 520, YAMAHA's electric guitar 20th anniversary model TSG, MB series basses MB-II, MB-III, BB series basses BB-VIII, BB-VIIA
Marshall guitar and bass amps
Amp head 2210, 2205, 3210, Speaker Enclosure 1965A, 1965B, Combo guitar amp 4001 studio, 5002 lead 20, 5505 lead 12, Bass amp 5502 bass 20, 5501 bass 12

Oct. 1985