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from the '70s to '80s, Scanned Catalogs of Electric Guitars, Basses, Guitar Amps, Effects - Published in Japan

Yamaha Electric Guitars and Basses Catalog 2000

"2000 New Line Up" brief brochure
SGV300, SGV700, SGV800, SBV500, Guitar Amps DG100-212A, DG80-112A, DG130HA, DG-1000, DG60-112
PACIFICA USA2, 904, 904MSF, 604W, 312H, 312 II, 312M II, 312, 303-12II, 112, RGX-521D, RGX-221DH, RGX-121D, EG112U, SG-3000, SG-2000, SG-1000, AEX-1500, AEX-500, SA-2200, ATTITUDE Limited II, ATTITUDE Special, TRB-JP, TRB-S II, TRB-6 II, TRB-5 II, BB-NE, BB-N5A, BB-G5S, BB Limited5
PACIFICA 112X, 112XC II, 112XC, 112C II, 112C, PACIFICA Custom, 821D, 1511MS, 1512CD, 311MS, MG-M II G, MG-M II, SAS-1500, BJ-PRO, Terry & Blue Jeans Custom, SG-T2, SG-2000MT, HR Custom, IN-1, MG-HK, VG-Standard, KK-1, BB Limited, BB-3000, BB-X, RBX-6JM, RBX-760A II, RBX-360, MB-50, MB-45HB, MB-40C, MB-40
Mar. 2000 issue