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KORG Keyboards Catalog 1980

Cover photo is close-up of PS-3300.
Keith Emerson
Polyphonic synthesizer PS-3300
16 programmable full polyphonic synthesizer PS-3200
Polyphonic synthesizer PS-3100
The first CX-3
Delta strings and polyphonic ensemble keyboard
Lambda polyphonic ensemble keyboard
Preset monophonic synthesizer Sigma, M-500SP, 800DV, 770, Ensemble keyboards PE-2000, PE-1000
X-911 Guitar synthesizer
Monophonic synthesizers MS-20, MS-10, MS-50, Analog sequencer SQ-10
Vocoder VC-10
Analog Delay SD-400, SD-200, Tape echo SE-500, SE-300
Rhythm Machine KR-55, KR-33, MP-120W, MP-120P, MP-7, MP-45, MP-35, MP-J, Mixer amp EM-570, Speaker SP-2035
Chromatic tuner WT-12, Guitar tuner GT-6, Rhythm trainer RT-10, Electronic tuning folk KORG QUARTZ, Japanese traditional musical instrument's tuner WT-13
Mar. 1980
Annex price list
Aug. 1980