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from the '70s to '90s, Scanned Catalogs of Electric Guitars, Basses, Guitar Amps, Effects - Published in Japan

Roland Catalog 1977

General catalog Vol. 2
"Micro Composer" Sequencer MC-8
Guitar Synthesizer GR-500 and Controller GS-500
Synthesizer 101 and Expension units
SH-5 and SH-3A monophonic synthesizers
Preset Synthesizers SH-2000 and SH-1000
Electronic Piano MP-700
Electronic Piano EP-30 and EP-10
Strings Ensemble Keyboard RS-202
"Coming Soon" VK-9 and VK-6
Controllers of VK-9 and VK-6
Revo sound system speakers RD-155L, RD-155W, RD-125L, RD-150L, RD-150W, Revo250, Revo30
AKG Microphones
Roland dynamic mic DR-180 and DR-120, Vocal-Amp VX-66, Speakers PS-20, PS-30, PS-40, PS-60
Vocal Amps VX-33, VX-55, VX-40, Mixing Amps PA-120, PA-60
Tape Echo RE-301, RE-201, RE-101
Chorus DC-50
GA series guitar amps GA-120, GA-60, GA-40, GA-30, GA-20
Bass amps GB-50, GB-30, SB-100
JC series guitar amps JC-160, JC-120, JC-80, JC-60
Guitar amps SR-120, SR-60, SR-70, Bass amps RB-120, RB-60, RB-70
Guitar amps CA-35 and CA-40, Bass amp CB-40
Drum machines TR-66, TR-700, TR-77, TR-55, TR-33
Stomp box effects AP-7, AP-2, AF-100, AF-60, AS-1, AG-5, AD-50, AW-10
Debut of "BOSS" branded effects OD-1, SP-1, PH-1
DB-5, BF-1, CE-1, GE-10, KM-6A, KM-4
Sep. 1977