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The World of Musical Instruments Brochures - from the '70s to '80s -
Scanned Catalogs of Electric Guitars, Basses, Guitar Amps, Effects - Published in Japan

Roland Keyboards / Synthesizers Catalog 1978

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Enlarge Image Micro Composer MC-8. 8ch digitally controled analog sequencer.
CPU 8080A, RAM 4KB (up to 16KB).
Enlarge Image Analog modular synthesizer SYSTEM700
Enlarge Image Small analog modular synthesizer SYSTEM100
Enlarge Image Monophinic sysnthesizer SH-7 and SH-5
Enlarge Image Low cost monophonic synthesizer SH-1 and SH-3A

Enlarge Image Monophonic preset synthesizer SH-2000 and SH-1000, ensemble keybord RS-202.
Enlarge Image Combo piano MP-700 and EP-30. Looks like electric piano, but they are pure electronic piano.
Enlarge Image Low cost combo piano EP-10 and accesories.
Enlarge Image Combo organ VK-9
Enlarge Image Combo organ VK-6
Enlarge Image Simulated rotary speaker REVO sound system RD-155L, RD-155W, RD-150L, RD-150W, RD-125L, Revo250.
Enlarge Image Jazz chorus guitar amp JC-120, JC-120A, JC-160, JC-60A, JC-60, JC-80.
Enlarge Image GA series guitar amp GA-120, GA-120R&P, GA-60, GA-60R&P, GA-50.
Enlarge Image GA series guitar amp GA-40, GA-30, GA-20, Bass amp GB-50R&P, GB-50, GB-30.
Enlarge Image Backloaded horn Bass amp SB-100
Enlarge Image Guitar amp SR-120, SR-120D, SR-60, CA-40, CA-35, Bass amp RB-120D, RB-120, RB-60, CB-40.
Enlarge Image BOSS effectors Graphic Equalizer GE-6, Phase shifter PH-1, Overdrive OD-1, Spectrum(Parametric EQ) SP-1, Analog delay DM-1, Driver(Graphic EQ + Distortion) DB-5, Flanger BF-1, Chorus Ensemble CE-1.

Enlarge Image Mixer KM-60, KM-6A, KM-4, Graphic EQ GE-10.
Enlarge Image Roland compact effector AP-7 (Phase shifter + Distortion), AP-2 (Phase shifter), AF-100 BEE BAA (Treble Booster + Fuzz), AF-60 BEE GEE (Distortion), AS-1 (Sustainer), AG-6 FUNNY CAT (Auto wah + Distortion), AD-50 DOUBLE BEAT (Fuzz + Wah pedal), AW-10 WAH BEAT (Wah pedal)
Enlarge Image Tape delay RE-301, RE-201, RE-101
Enlarge Image BBD analog delay DC-10, DC-50, Delay and chorus DC-30, Spring reverb RV-100
Enlarge Image PA system VX-120, VX-55, VX-66, VX-33, VX-40
Enlarge Image Powered mixer PA-120, PA-60, Speaker PS-120S, PS-60S, PS-60, PS-40, PS-30, PS-20, VX-33S
Enlarge Image Rhythem machine TR-66, TR-700, TR-77, TR-55, TR-33
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