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Scanned Catalogs of Electric Guitars, Basses, Guitar Amps, Effects - Published in Japan

Roland Keyboards / Synthesizers Catalog 1979

Enlarge Image Letter size brochure
Enlarge Image Microcomposer MC-8.
Roland Studio System rack-mount effectors. RV-800(Stereo Spring Reverb), GE-820, GE-810(Graphic Equalizer), PH-830(Stereo Phaser)
Enlarge Image Module synthseizer SYSTEM700 and SYSTEM100
Enlarge Image Module synthesizer SYSTEM100M (191J, 190, 181, 110, 112, 121, 130)

Enlarge Image SYSTEM100M module 131, 132, 140, 150, 172, 182 and Vocoder VP-330 (early version)
Enlarge Image Strings synthesizer RS-505.
Combination keybord(Organ+Strings Ensemble) RS-09(early version).
Enlarge Image Pprogrammable 4 Voice polyphonic synthesizer Jupiter-4.
Programmable monophonic synthesizer PROMARS.
Enlarge Image Entry model of monophonic synthesizer SH-2 and SH-09.

Enlarge Image Digitally controled analog sequencer CSQ-100.
Monophonic synthesizers SH-7, SH-5, SH-3A, SH-2000, SH-1000.
Enlarge Image Combo organ VK-9 and VK-6
Enlarge Image Combo organ VK-1.
Combo piano MP-600 and MP-700.
REVO sound system is simulated rotaly speakers.
Enlarge Image The debut of Roland Rack Series. Guitar pre-amp SIP-300, bass pre-amp SIP-301, Stereo power-amp SPA-240 and SPA-120.
Enlarge Image P/V synthesizer SPV-355 (P/V means Pitch to Voltage), Vocoder SVC-350, Flanger SBF-325, Dimension SDD-320.
Enlarge Image JC(Jazz Chorus) series guitar amps. JC-200, JC-120A, JC-60A, JC-160, JC-120, JC-60, JC-50. Suffix "A" means R&P speaker.
Enlarge Image GA series guitar amps. GA-120R&P, GA-60R&P, GA-120, GA-60, GA-50, GA-40, GA-30, GA-20, GA-15.
Enlarge Image Bass amp SB-200, SB-100, GB-50R&P, GB-50, GB-30.
Enlarge Image Guitar and bass amps CUBE-60BASS, CUBE-60, CUBE-40, CUBE-20.
Tube guitar amp BOLT-60, BOLT-30.
Enlarge Image Tape echo RE-301, RE-201, RE-150, RE-101.
BBD echo DC-20, DC-30, spring reverb RV-100.
Enlarge Image PA system VX-120A, VX-55, VX-66, VX-44.
Enlarge Image PA mixer PA-150, PA-80, PA speaker PS-120, PS-80, PS-60, PS-40, PS-30, PS-20.
Enlarge Image Analog rhythem machine CR-78 and CR-68. CR-78 is known as the first programmable rhythm machine.
Analog rthytem machine TR-66 and TR-700.
Enlarge Image BOSS Dr.Rhythm DR-55, Tuner TU-120, TU-60, Dr.Beat DB-33, MA-5.
Roland efffector AP-2, AF-60, AS-1, AG-5.
Enlarge Image BOSS mixer KM-60, KM-40, KM-6A, KM-6B, KM-4, KM-2, Graphic equalizer GE-10.
Enlarge Image BOSS compact effectors. Noise gate NF-1, compressor CS-1, spectrum(Parametric EQ) SP-1, phaser PH-1, distortion DS-1, overdrive OD-1, touch wah TW-1, graphic equalizer GE-6, slow gear(attack envelope modifier) SG-1, chorus CE-1, CE-2, flanger BF-1, Driver DB-5, delay DM-1.
Pedal wah PW-1, Pedal distortion PD-1.
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