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Yamaha 1979

Yamaha keyboards catalog 1979

Keyboards catalog in 1979

About electric grand piano.

Electric Grand Pianos CP-80 and CP-70B

Electronic Pianos CP-30, CP-20 and CP-10

Programmable 8-voice Polyphonic Synthesizer CS-80

Polyphonic Synthesizers CS-60 (Programmable, 8-voice), CS-50(4-voice)

2-Voice Synthesizer CS-40M, Monophonic Synthesizer CS-20M

Monophonic Synthesizers CS-30 and CS-30L

Monophonic synthesizers CS-15D, CS-15, CS-10

Monophonic synthesizer CS-5, Strings Ensemble SS-30, Symphonic Ensemble SK-10

Combo Organ YC-45D, YC-30, YC-25D, YC-20, YC-10

Mixers PM-170, PM-180, PM-210, PM-430, Analog Delays E1005, E1010, Keyboard Amp A4115H, Rotary Speaker RA-70

Dec. 1979 issue

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