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Yamaha 1985

Yamaha keyboards catalog 1985

Keyboards catalog in 1985

Keyboards set up

FM synthesizers DX1, DX7, DX9, DX5

About FM synthesis

About FM synthesis

Specifications of DX1, DX7, DX9 and Sound data ROM cartridges

Master Keyboard KX88

PCM Drum Machine RX11, RX15

Musical MSX computers CX5F, CX5

Sequencers QX1, QX7

FM synthesizer modules TX816, TX7

Electric Grand Pianos CP80D, CP70D with Graphic Equalizer

FM Electronic Pianos PF15, PF12, PF10 and simple electronic piano CP7

Accesories, 4 track cassette MTR MT44D and Mixer RM602

Feb. 1985 issue

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