The World of Musical Instruments Brochures

Korg Vol.7 1981

Korg keyboard catalog Vol.7 1981

Catalog in 1981

Keith Emerson

Programmable polyphonic synthesizer PS-3200

Polyphonic synthesizers PS-3300, PS-3100 and accesories

Electronic organ BX-3

Combo organ CX-3

Electronic piano LP-10

Polyphonic synthesizer Trident

Ensemble keyboards Delta and Lambda

Monophonic synthesizers Sigma, M-500SP and vocoder VC-10s

Monophonic synthesizers MS-20, MS-10 and MS-50

Analog sequencer SQ-10 and accesories

Guitar synthesizer X-911

Analog delays SD-400, SD-200, Tape echoes SE-500, SE-300

Analog drum machines KR-55, KR-33, MP-120W, MP-120P, MP-7, MP-45, MP-35, MP-J

Chromatic tuner WT-12, Guitar tuner GT-6

Mar. 1981

Annexed price list.

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