The World of Musical Instruments Brochures

Korg Vol.10 1983

Korg keyboard catalog Vol.10 1983

Vol.10 catalog in 1983

Low cost polyphonic synthesizer POLY-800

Polyphonic synthesizers POLY-61, POLYSIX, TRIDENT, PS-3200

Monophonic synthesizers MONO/POLY, MS-20, MS-10, Guitar synthesizer X-911, Electronic Piano EPS-1

Organs BX-3 and CX-3. Automatic accompaniment system PSS-50

Keyboard mixer KMX-8, Monitor speaker MM-25, Drum machines KPR-77, KR-55B, KR-33, Digital delay SDD-3000

Analog delays SD-400, SD-200, Tape echo SE-500, SE-300, Tuners AT-12, GT-60X, GT-6, Micro Six

Home keyboard SAS-20 with automatic accompaniment system, Symphonic Piano 80S/80

Oct. 1983

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