The World of Musical Instruments Brochures

Korg 1985

Korg keyboard catalog 1985

Vol.12 catalog in 1985


Announcement of DSS-1 sampling keyboard

Announcement of SG-1 piano

Digital Synthesizer DW-8000

Digital Synthesizer EX-8000, Memory expander MEX-8000, The first DWGS Synthesizer DW-6000

Polyphonic Synthesizer POLY-800II

Polyphonic Synthesizers POLY-800, EX-800

Keyboard Controller RK-100, Pedal Keyboard MPK-130, PK-13, Bass Unit BPX-3, MIDI synchronizer (DIN-MIDI sync and tape syncronizer)KMS-30, MIDI thuru box KMT-60

Sequencer with Quick Disc SQD-1, Drum machines DDM-110 and DDM-220

Drum sound unit MR-16, Analog Drum Machine KR-55B, Auto accompaniment unit PSS-50

Digital Voice Processor DVP-1

Digital Delays SDD-2000, SDD-1000, Gated spring reverb GR-1

Monitor Speakers SM-75, PM-30, MM-25, Keyboard mixier KMX-62

Effects OVD-1, DST-1, CHR-1, FLG-1, PEQ-1, TNB-1, DST-3, CMP-1, PHS-1, OCT-1, LIM-1, NGT-1. Perhaps these models are minor change versions of YAMAHA products.

Tuners, Rhythm Programer RP-100, MIDI sequencer MP-100, Chord trainer CPK-01, CPG-01, CPS-01


Korg goods, showrooms

oct. 1985

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