The World of Musical Instruments Brochures

Roland 1975

Roland catalog 1975

General catalog in 1975

The first Roland synthesizer SH-1000 and Preset synthesizer SH-2000

Monophonic synthesizer SH-3A and Electronic piano EP-10

Touch-sensitive electronic piano EP-30, PA system PA-120, PA-60, VX-40

Guitar amps SR-120, SR-70, Bass amps RB-60, RB-70, RB-120

Guitar amps CA-35, CA-40, Bass amp CB-40, Tape echoes RE-201, RE-10

Drum machines TR-700, TR-330, TR-77, TR-55, TR-33

Stomp box effects AP-5, AD-50, AG-5, AF-100, AS-1, AW-10, FV-1

Tape echo RE-100, RE-200. Probably 50.2 means Feb. 1975

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