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Roland 1977 Vol.1

Roland general catalog Vol.1 1977

March 1977 edition of the General Catalogue Vol. 1.


System 700 synthesizer

Sytem 100 synthesizer

Monophonic synthesizer SH-5 and SH-3A

Preset monophonic synthesizers SH-2000 and SH-1000. The design with switches in front of it was designed to be used on top of an organ. They are the ones.

Basic knowledge of synthesizers and ensemble keyboards RS-202 and RS-101.

Electronic Piano with Hammer Action MP-700

Electronic Pianos EP-30 and EP-10


Revo sound system RD-150L, RD-150W

Revo 120/250/30

Powered mixer and speakers PA-120, PA-60, VX-33, VX-55, VX-40

Tape delays RE-301, RE-201, RE-101

Chorus DC-50

AKG microphones

Backload horn bass amp SB-100

Jazz Chorus guitar amps JC-160, JC-120, JC-80, JC-60

Guitar and bass amps SR-120, SR-60, SR-70, RB-120, RB-60, RB-70

Guitar amps CA-35, CA-40, Bass amp CB-40

Analog drum machine TR-66, TR-700, TR-77, TR-55, TR-33, TR-330

Roland brand effects AP-5, AP-7, AP-2, AG-5, AF-100, AS-1, AF-60, AD-50, AW-10

Boss CE-1, GE-10, KM-6, KM-4

Overseas Expansion and Showrooms. And about Wahwah, a quarterly public relations magazine.

March 1977 edition

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