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Roland 1979 Vol.5

Roland general catalog Vol.5 1979

General catalog Vol.5 in 1979

Microcomposer MC-8 (CPU8080A, PROM5KB, RAM16KB), Roland Studio System effects RV-800(Stereo Spring Reverb), GE-820, GE-810(Graphic Equalizer), PH-830(Stereo Phaser)

Module synthesizers SYSTEM700 and SYSTEM100

Module synthesizer SYSTEM100M modules 191J, 190, 181, 110, 112, 121, 130

SYSTEM100M modules 131, 132, 140, 150, 172, 182 and Vocoder VP-330 (early version)

Strings synthesizer RS-505, Organ+Strings Ensemble RS-09(early version)

Programmable 4-voice polyphonic synthesizer Jupiter-4, Programmable monophonic synthesizer PROMARS.

Monophonic synthesizers SH-2 and SH-09

Digitally controled analog sequencer CSQ-100, Monophonic synthesizers SH-7, SH-5, SH-3A, SH-2000, SH-1000.

Combo organs VK-9 and VK-6

Combo organ VK-1, combo piano MP-600 and MP-700, REVO sound system (Electronic rotaly speakers)

The debut of Roland Rack Series. Guitar pre-amp SIP-300, bass pre-amp SIP-301, Stereo power-amp SPA-240 and SPA-120.

P/V synthesizer SPV-355 (P/V means Pitch to Voltage), Vocoder SVC-350, Flanger SBF-325, Dimension SDD-320.

JC(Jazz Chorus) series guitar amps JC-200, JC-120A, JC-60A, JC-160, JC-120, JC-60, JC-50. Suffix "A" means R&P speaker.

GA series guitar amps GA-120R&P, GA-60R&P, GA-120, GA-60, GA-50, GA-40, GA-30, GA-20, GA-15

Bass amps SB-200, SB-100, GB-50R&P, GB-50, GB-30

Guitar and bass amps CUBE-60BASS, CUBE-60, CUBE-40, CUBE-20, Tube guitar amps BOLT-60, BOLT-30

Tape echoes RE-301, RE-201, RE-150, RE-101, BBD echoes DC-20, DC-30, spring reverb RV-100

PA systems VX-120A, VX-55, VX-66, VX-44

PA mixers PA-150, PA-80, PA speakers PS-120, PS-80, PS-60, PS-40, PS-30, PS-20

Drum machines CR-78, CR-68, TR-66, TR-700. CR-78 is well known as one of the first programmable drum machine.

BOSS Dr.Rhythm DR-55, Tuner TU-120, TU-60, Dr.Beat DB-33, MA-5, Roland effects AP-2, AF-60, AS-1, AG-5.

BOSS mixers KM-60, KM-40, KM-6A, KM-6B, KM-4, KM-2, Graphic equalizer GE-10

BOSS compact effects NF-1, CS-1, SP-1, PH-1, DS-1, OD-1, TW-1, GE-6, SG-1, CE-1, CE-2, BF-1, DB-5, DM-1, PW-1, PD-1

Dec. 1979 issue

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