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Roland 1980

Roland keyboard catalog 1980

Keyboards catalog in 1980. "What is next?" Jupiter-8 will comming soon.

Micro Composer MC-8

Synthesizer SYSTEM-700 and SYSTEM-100M

SYSTEM-100M Modules 110(VCO/VCF/VCA), 112(2VCO), 121(2VCF), 130(2VCA), 131(Mixer+), 132(Mixer+), 140(2EG/LFO), 150(Ring Mod/NG/S&H/LFO), 172(Phaser), 182(Sequencer)

Programmable 4-Voice Polyphonice Synthesizer JUPITER-4

Programmable Monophonic Synthesizer PROMARS

Monophonic Synthesizers SH-2 and SH-09

Digital Sequencers CSQ-600 and CSQ-100

Vocoder VP-330 (later version)

Strings Ensemble RS-505, Organ/Strings Ensemble RS-09 (later version)

Electronic Pianos EP-09 and MP-600

Piano/Organ SA-09 (Saturn), Oragn VK-1

Organs VK-9 and VK-6

REVO SOUND SYSTEM (Simulated Rotary Speaker), PA Speaker SST-120

Effects, Guitar Amps, Mixers


Oct. 1980 issue

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