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Roland 1981

Roland keyboard catalog 1981

Keyboards catalog Vol.2 in 1981

MC-4 Micro Composer

System-100M module synthesizers. Polyphonic keyboard controller 184 has appeard.

Modules of System-100M




Monophonic synthesizer SH-2, SH-09

Sequencer CSQ-600, CSQ-100

Vocoder plus VP-330

Piano plus 11

Piano plus 70, 60

Electronic piano EP-09, MP-600

SA-09 Saturn (Piano + Organ), RS-09 (Strings + Organ)

Organs VK-09, VK-1

Keyboard amps and accesories

Related equipments page. TR-808, TR-606, CR-8000, CR-5000, CR-78, CR-68

Effects, Guitar amps, Mixers

Oct. 1981 issue

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